Yard Safety


  • Use sun protection Use eye protection when using any power tools or yard equipment
  • Use skin protection such has work gloves
  • Never use equipment without proper protective shoes
  • Use safety steps prior to using yard equipment or any power tools: check equipment for loose or broken parts/pieces; always let someone know you will be using equipment so you can be monitored periodically in the event of an accident; take a phone with you if possible; always check for the safety of other adults and children in the area of equipment use
  • Check blades or sharp devices on equipment prior to use for proper working condition and for any loose parts
  • Keep grass cut and bushes trimmed to keep uninvited pests or rodents in yard
  • Never leave standing water in yard or around home that is not treated to decrease attraction of bugs and other uninvited pests or animals
    • Consider a fence that is at least 4 foot in height and child safety rails/bars with a lock if you have any water areas on your property such as the following:
    • Pool, hot tub, well, small pool, lake, pond, large fountain, large or small fish pond
  • Consider alarms on water equipment or devices for child safety; check all laws for required fencing if a pool is on premises.
  • Use fire safety prevention with the use or presence of grills or other gas appliance or open flame structure and have fire extinguisher near.
  • Be aware and know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning even outdoors.
  • Check tree & shrub roots to prevent damage to home's foundation.  Check health of your landscaping to prevent &/or stop bugs or infections.  Have professional check for any problems with bugs or other pests. Hire a pest control company to keep bugs away most importantly for termite control.

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