Scheduled Home Maintenance

A HEALTHY HOME - Maintenance of your home & scheduled inspections!

Maintain the condition of your homes foundation, structure, appliances and your possessions the #1 reason Safety for you, your loved ones and everyone around you!!!

You can help maintain the health of your home!!! You can be environmentally safe and save money by saving energy if you perform regular maintenance checks of your home's interior and exterior.  Make scheduled inspections of your home's structure and all appliances or structures used for cooking or heating the home.  Read your owner's manuals and follow the recommendations for safety and keeping that area or item in proper working condition and safe for everyone to use.  Consider hiring a professional to inspect your home for regular maintenance & needed repairs so it is done correctly and safely.   

5 point checklist:

  1. Fire, Gas and Electrical safety
  2. Emergency Preparedness and Security Safety
  3. Plumbing and Water safety
  4. Grounds and Structure Safety
  5. Fall and Injury Prevention

Many home owners hire professionals to service and maintain their appliances on a regular basis for safety and to save money. Hire a professional that is well trained, licensed and preferably bonded such as an electrician, plumber or licensed contractor that may find damage or needed repairs quicker and easier. You may get tips from your licensed contractors on the specifics to look for when performing regular home maintenance checks.

Schedule Routine Inspections of your home!

Montly Inspections 

Annual Inspections 

Fall Season INspections to winterize your home!

Spring Season INspections  to summerize your home!

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