Entrance / Exit (Outside & Inside Entrance)

  • Ground covering level and even or rail should be placed at walk path

  • Repair all cracks, uneven terrain and clear clutter such as rock, shrubs and other miscellaneous hazards from walk path and driveway
  • Clear walk path of fall hazards during weather change such as ice, snow or water puddles
  • Use color strips at change of surface heights
  • ails or grab bar installed at door entrance for any raised threshold or step/stairs
  • Maintain condition of door(s)/screens for safe function and ease of opening and closing
  • Adequate lighting installed and replaced immediately when needed along walk path and door exterior and interior Inside light switch to lamp at entrance or ceiling lighting
  • Secure all rugs outside and inside or remove if in poor condition
  • Consider nightlights inside entrance in the event of an emergency at night
  • Consider light switch at both ends of hall
  • Consider installing rail in hall: 34” height and 1.5” diameter Steps should be 7.2” riser height and 11 to 12” or more width

Entrance/Exit - Child safety

Additional considerations for a small child are to use alarms on doors in the event a small child tries to leave the home.

Install locks on doors to entrance/exit that are high & uanble to be unlocked by small child.  Child safety devices are available for most all door handles.

rails should be no wider than 4 inches for stairs of one or more so small child will not fit through & fall or injure self


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