Main Living Areas

  • Remove any unused furniture, non-functional furniture and low furniture that may be a tripping hazard with legs or corners that stick out in way of walk path
  • Rearrange furniture for a clean, safe and clear walk path
  • Remove throw rugs or area rugs that are in direct walk path and not in good condition or not secured to floor.
  • Adequate lighting
  • Remove all cords or wires that are in walk path and a tripping hazard
  • Do not use extension cords due to fire hazard and tripping hazard
  • Remove all clutter from walk path
  • Use remote controls for fans, light, television and phone for energy conservation and decrease tripping/fall risk
  • Maintain condition of all furniture or equipment used for proper functioning and decrease risk of injury; secure furniture to floor using non-skid material or removing casters if present
  • Adjust heights of surfaces for safety and ease of getting up and down

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