Getting up from a Fall

If you have a fall sometimes it is not easy getting up off the floor.  You should follow safety tips to make sure you do not have any serious injuries.  Sometimes getting up may cause more damage. 


1.  call out for help or use your home phone if near you or your cellular phone.  Press your emergency help button on your monitoring device if you have one.

2.  Check yourself for any injuries such as bleeding or obvious broken bones or displaced joints.

3.  Try to apply pressure to any area that may be bleeding so you do not lose too much blood.

4.  If you are able to sit up and become dizzy then you should lie back down on your back to try to stop the dizziness.

5.  The first thing you need to do is get near a sturdy piece of furniture to help get yourself up off the floor.  Use a sturdy chair, bed or couch to pull yourself into sitting.  First roll over to your stomach to crawl or on your hands and knees.  Tuck yourself into a ball or pull your knees towards your chest to roll easier.  If you have severe pain in your hip or other joint when you try to move then you may have broken a bone and may need to use your arms to crawl to a phone or the door. 

6.  To roll over to your stomach you should bend your knees and push with your feet while lifting your head and arms to roll to one side.  You are trying to shorten your body so you can rol eaier.  You should crawl on your belly with your arms if you think you have injured your hip or other leg joint.  If you are able to get on your hands and knees then you can pull yourself up in a chair or the couch from the kneeling position.  Click on the document below to see a picture of how to get off the floor.

7.  If you are on an anti-coagulant or "blood thinner" then you may be at risk for a bleed or hemmorrhage in the brain.  You need to watch for signs of a bleed and contact your physician or emergency services immediately.  Signs of a bleed may be sudden severe headace that worsens, vision changes, swelling in any area of your head and unequal pupils.  Other obvious signs that something is severely wrong are slurred speech, drooping of one side of the face or sudden weakness on one side of the body such as one arm going weak or flacid.

You should contact 911 immediately or have someone take to the nearest hospital if you live close to a hospital or emergency clinic.


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