Garage Safety & Outdoor Storage Safety

  • Store cleaning products, gasoline and other chemicals in their proper bins, recommended to be in bins with locked lid for child safety
  • Keep all tools in proper working condition and away from child’s reach with sharp edges covered and wires or cords rolled tightly to prevent trips or other injury
  • Store ladders properly away from children that may climb
  • Keep batteries stored properly
  • Keep any flammable liquids or fumes away from open flame
  • Drain all lawn equipment of gasoline when not in frequent use
  • Consider locking garage opener at night
  • Consider cover for garage opener to prevent small child from opening
  • Do not leave keys in cars, any valuables or medicine in car for security safety and child safety.
  • Do not leave garage door opener in car if parked outside garage
  • Set alarm system to include your garage door.

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