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Home Safety Smart Checks started with the number one mission to teach home safety and provide a website for all to access for education on steps to take to help prevent falls & injury in the home.  My name is Kelley Glenn & I have been a  physical therapy & have experience in home health for more than 17 years.  I have the experience, knowledge & training to help make your home safe in preventing falls through physical therapy and through changing your environment.  The Home Safety Smart Check website began with fall prevention & elderly safety and has now developed into an informational website for a variety of home safety needs and maintaining the health of your home. website offers free information on safety for the older adult, safety for infants, toddlers and for general home maintenance.  Recommended emergency steps and important fire safety steps & carbon monoxide poison prevention information. 

I am a physical therapist from Little Rock, Arkansas that provides safety education in the home.  I had several reasons to start the website & they were primarily my mom & my three year old son.  I have been working as a physical therapist for many years & always had a desire to help people be safer and now would like to provide that through my safety website. 

Our staff provides home safety on-site assessments & a customized online program will be coming soon.  This program will help make your home safe in a customized manner by taking your information about your environment in your home and your physical abilities to direct you in being safer and preventing injuries and falls. We will keep you informed when this will come available if you would like to sign up through email.   

I hope that this website gives you the tools to help make your home safe for you & your loved ones!  If you need a on-site home safety assessment and live in our area of Little Rock, Arkansas then our team will make an appointment for you to get you started on making your home safe.  We will provide you with safety recommendations and set you in the right direction for your safety.  If you are home bound and need a home health company referral or an outpatient physical therapy referral then we will get you started.  You may be registerd in our fall risk database to receive follow-up calls, emails, or visits, if needed, to keep you safe and keep you following a safe program in the home.  Family or care giver training will be available as seen needed.  Equipment recommendations will be made also for your safety and you may visit our product page to see some of the items in home safety. Not all equipment have been seen or reviewed on Consumer Reports but specific brands have had good reviews.  Our baby products are listed on the baby and toddler web page as rating high in testing.

Hope you get started by checking out our safety checklists!!! Don't forget our website address:

Thank you from Home Safety Smart Checks.

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Or you may call if you are in the Little Rock area or outside and leave us your email address or contact telephone number. 

Our prices for home safety assessments are $175.00 and includes completion in 7-10 days and emergency recommendations that are needed in 1-2 days.  You will be provided checklists and steps to take to make needed changes in your home or modifications and any needed list of contractors.  We will provide appointments as needed and informational contacts to make your safety changes in your home.  A list of products and where to purchase will also be provided and any assistance in delivery of items for additional cost of items and shipping/handling.

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