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1. Do you have a security system or alarm(s) in your home & test regularly for proper working condition?
2. Do you have fire extinguishers in proper location & smoke alarms in the kitchen & hallway(s) immediately outside each bedroom and also garage or other potential fire source areas? And do you inspect monthly for proper working condition?
3. Do you have a home telephone such as a land line or cellular phone that you are able to use immediately in the event you have a fire, security breach, or medical emergency? Or do you have a type of emergency call system such as a monitoring device that can be used immediately for help if you can’t get to a phone?
4. Do you have an emergency disaster kit ready & flashlights with extra batteries available in several areas of your home if a disaster or power outage occurred?
5. Do you have your heating units, air units & any heating sources such as gas or wood burning fireplace inspected each year or every season prior to use for safe working condition & have carbon monoxide detectors in your home?
Select 'skip' for the following questions if they do not apply to you.
6. If you have had a recent FALL or CHANGE IN MEDICAL CONDITION: Answer yes or no if you have seen or done the following?
  1. PHYSICIAN or SPECIALIST: To check your medications, vision, weakness, dizziness / balance problems to rule out any serious medical conditions.
  2. PHYSICAL THERAPY: For strengthening, balance & fall prevention.
  3. HOME SAFETY CHECK: For making your environment safer in helping prevent further falls.
7. Is your home BABY PROOFED if you have an infant or toddler that may crawl to harmful or fatal items in your home? (I have locked away all medicines, chemicals, unsafe products & used child proof devices to keep small children out of harmful areas)
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